School Presentation

Want to help your friends at school understand what CVS is like?

Click below for an elementary school presentation about CVS: CVSA Presentation For Kids

The Social Story

One Family’s Effort to Make School Easier for their Young Child with CVS

“Helping … with Headaches at School” is something that my wife, Michele, put together for our daughter. It is a small book she made to explain what happens if an episode were to begin at school. It comforted and reassured our daughter that there is a plan in place and all is well. As stress is often a trigger for CVS, this extra comfort of knowing and understanding the plan helps ease that stress for the new young students. The staff liked it a lot, but it really is written for the student as well, written at their social/reading level, not that of the staff. We hope that other families might find this helpful.

Download a sample of the booklet.

Download a Word Doc of the booklet. Edit and add your own photos to customize it for your child.

More School Help

COPAA’s (Counsel of Parent Attorenys and Advocates) mission is to protect and enforce the legal and civil rights of students with disabilities and their families. Our primary goal is to secure high quality educational services and to promote excellence in advocacy.

COPAA works to:

  • Enable parents to work more effectively with school personnel to plan and obtain effective educational programs for their children with disabilities;
  • Encourage more attorneys and advocates to undertake representation of parents of children with disabilities in their efforts to plan and obtain effective educational programs;
  • Provide advocate, attorney, parent and other professional COPAA members with the practical resources and information they need to obtain effective educational programs for students with disabilities;
  • Enable members to network and share information and legal resources;
  • Provide training for special education advocates on all aspects of special education advocacy and informal conflict resolution;
  • Provide training for attorneys on legal practice: including due process, litigation, and informal conflict resolution;
  • Enable parents to locate advocates, attorneys, and related professionals through COPAA’s website directory;
  • File amicus curiae briefs in cases of national significance.