Back to school time is always an expensive time of the year.  This year may look a bit different for some and be completely different for others; but the changes in schooling and the overall economic effects of COVID-19 are becoming more and more apparent. CVS is a costly condition and CVSA is seeing the toll that this year is taking on the CVS community financially, physically and emotionally.   Therefore, we are bringing you very LOW prices for the month of September! 

1 year: $75 $25

2 year: $130 $50

Membership Benefits:

  • Become part of our CVSA family. Our membership shares messages of hope and inspiration with fellow CVSA members for the CVS sufferer, their caregivers, and families!
  • Members Only Discounts. Members receive $75.00 off the registration fee to attend the CVSA International Adult & Family Conference as well as discounts to other CVSA sponsored events.
  • First access to Virtual Expert Presentations. CVSA is committed to bringing a Virtual Presentation to the CVS community at least once a month. CVSA Members receive the registration information first!
  • Sponsored Medical Research. Your membership funds enable CVSA to sponsor and fund various research efforts including professional scientific symposiums, research conferences, scholarships for young clinicians and scientists and funding pilot grants.
  • Information from Medical Experts. Members gain insight and opinions from the world’s leading doctors specializing in CVS and Mitochondrial disease. CVSA shares information from our principal medical advisors and Board of Directors.
  • Code ‘V’ Newsletter. Code ‘V’ is mailed out three times per year in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Code ‘V’ provides the latest in scientific research news, research study opportunities, personal stories, and important updates relating to CVS. Members stay connected with the CVSA/Canada community, the CVSA international community and receive information regarding current media events and fundraisers.
  • CVSA Membership ID Card. Members will receive a wallet card identifying them as a CVSA member. The membership card is a useful tool when visiting a new doctor or the emergency department. CVSA contact information is included on the card in the event a medical professional would like to contact us directly.
  • ‘Highlights’ eNewsletter. Our electronic newsletter is emailed to members the first week of each month. Highlights provide up-to-date news, reminders, and advanced notification of all upcoming events and fundraisers.