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Ways to give by shopping


CVSA now has a store where you can buy CVS shirts, hoodies, and more.
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Giving Assistant

  1. Giving Assistant is easy to use and gives up to 30% of your purchase to CVSA.
  2. Register your account.
  3. You can choose to get some cash back or give all of the “cash back” to CVSA.
  4. When you are shopping on your computer, you can go to the website through giving assistant or giving assistant will pop up on your registered device asking you if you want to activate it.

It really is that simple to get “cash back” to go to CVSA.


Goodshop works like Giving Assistant as well as offers many coupons.

Amazon Smile

Smile! And Thanks for Your Donation!

Amazon Smile is an easy new way to help the CVSA. Most of us buy online, right? And Amazon is the biggest vendor online. From books to music to appliances, toys, electronics, and clothing, Amazon has just about everything. Let’s say you’re buying a new coffee maker, and you find the one you want at Amazon for $99. With the Amazon Smile program, half a percent of that purchase, which is 50 cents, goes to the CVSA. AmazonSmile doesn’t add anything to your cost; it’s simply a donation from Amazon to the CVSA. On any one purchase, the half-per-cent that Amazon donates to the CVSA is just pennies. But if all of us who believe in the CVSA use the Amazon Smile program for all of our Amazon purchases, it adds up. Yes, power in numbers.

Here are the details. Usually when we’re making a purchase from Amazon, we go to the website With the Amazon Smile program, the only difference is that you start shopping by going to By going to, you’re telling Amazon that you want it to donate to your favorite non-profit, the CVSA. Remember, at you have the same selection, the same prices. The first time you point your web browser at you need to specify the CVSA as your favorite non-profit. To get started, enter the URL in your web browser, and log into your account on Amazon. (If you haven’t shopped with Amazon previously, you’ll need to create an account.)

Smile! It adds up.