Thank you for your interest and effort to raise awareness and financial support for CVS.

Our community is strong because of you. Your love and passion to help those family members, friends, or neighbors you know who are suffering from CVS is stronger than any national marketing campaign.

As an international organization with a small core team, CVSA welcomes and encourages you to work in your own community to raise awareness and support of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Due to our limited staff, we ask that you follow our usage policy detailed below to help us better serve the community at-large by using our logo and name properly and in a consistent manner.

CVSA Logo Usage Policy:

CVSA is not affiliated in any way or form with any fundraisers or charitable organizations that raise funds for, or act on behalf of CVS or CVSA without the express written consent of CVSA. Please notify CVSA here if you are creating or hosting a fundraising event and wish to use the CVSA logo or name. This will give you the proper permissions, and this will help us keep track of all the great work happening in our community!

How to Get Started!

Read through our list of popular fundraising ideas and talk to family and friends about how they might want to get involved to help build our resources for future CVS research and public outreach. We can help you plan some of the details, brainstorm new ideas, or talk through your questions. Contact us at

Popular Fundraising Ideas:

Share Your Story:

CVSA has a new way for you to share your stories and support CVSA at the same time. We are introducing our new pages where you can share your CVS journey in words, pictures, and videos; you can update it at any time. All you need to do is head over to the link below, click on the fundraise button in the team sections and fill in your story and update it as you please. Then share it with your family and friends via email or social media.  Visit:  to get started.

CVS Swag:

Check out the Official CVSA merchandise store at

Facebook fundraisers:

Facebook has made it super easy for you to help us raise funds for continued efforts like these. Try using Facebook fundraisers to collect donations for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association.  Many people set up Facebook fundraisers for their birthday or other special event.  Due to privacy settings on your Facebook page, we may not see the fundraiser. Let us assure you that we do get the donations. We may not see or even comment on your Fundraiser. You can send us a link to your fundraiser if you don’t see it on our page or in the Thank you list that we send out noting our fundraisers.

Run for the Bucket – Run/Walk:

These run/walk events are a great way to raise awareness and financial support in your community. Typically, these require more planning, but we are here to help walk through all the steps and checklists necessary to help set-up your first Run for the Bucket! We can provide you with sample letters, timelines, brochures, and other best practices from our own experience.


Use your livestream on Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, etc to help raise awareness and support CVSA! Here is our Tilitfy link!

Yoga, Spin, or Paint Class (Pose for CVS or Spin for a Cure, Paint for Relief):

Work with a local yoga studio, Spin class, or Paint shop to donate a class geared toward families and novices – it can be relaxing and informative. All participants will receive a reduced rate which goes to support CVS. This is great publicity for CVS and for the local business you’re supporting.

Host a House Party:

We know what you’re thinking, not my home! But yes, really, invite your friends, neighbors over for a simple dinner or potluck. Keep it social but make a point to explain what it’s like to live with CVS and ask for people to consider donating. You can pass a hat, encourage them to visit our website, or use a text-to-give system.

Use it or Lose it Vacation:

Is your vacation policy at work use it or lose it? Ask your employer to convert your unused vacation day(s) to a donation. Instead of burning the remaining 7 or 9 days you have left, donate one or two to help CVS! Bonus points if you encourage your team to join you – stay one day longer at work and have a potluck to celebrate the difference you’re making!

Trivia Night Out for CVS:

This one is geared for the 21+ crowd. Work with a local bar that hosts trivia and ask them to donate a portion of their sales that night to CVS. Then invite your friends to form teams!

Circle of Support:

Can you find 10 people who can donate $100 to help fund research for CVS? Bonus Points: ask your 10 friends if each of them can also find 3 people to donate $100.

Change for a CVS:

Start a penny war at work! You can have a competition between departments, floors, men vs. women, etc. Winner gets a free lunch or coffee and doughnuts supplied by the other team or office.

Some other popular options are:

  • Silent Auction
  • Golf “Fore” a Cure
  • Community Car Wash
  • Garage Sale
  • Bowl-a-thon
  • Bake Sale
  • Casual Day at Work
  • Craft Fair
  • 50/50 raffles
  • Ice Cream Sundae Sale at Work

Thank you for taking action in your community today!

Your contributions greatly affect what CVSA can do to support our mission and help change the treatment of CVS.