Apply to be a CVSA Volunteer

Why you should volunteer for CVSA?

  • To bring awareness to CVS in the health care community.
  • To help those who go undiagnosed for too long learn about CVS.
  • To educate doctors about CVS and treatment options.
  • To create a community of support among sufferers and their families.

Volunteer positions:

CVS Support Call Leader

Do you have a way with people? Do you want to be able to help those with CVS talk to others with CVS; helping them to feel like they are not alone? Consider giving support call leadership a try.

CVS Mentor

Have you found a path to successfully managing your CVS? Consider being a mentor to those who are newly diagnosed and looking for answers to all those questions you had as a newly diagnosed patient.

CVS Advocate

Are you persistent? Help us to advocate for more CVS research and awareness among health professionals.

Social host

Host a social gathering to help CVSers and their supporters meet others with CVS in their communities. These gatherings are meant to make connections with others by giving and/or getting support, sharing stories, and building a sense of community. Click here for a step by step guide to hosting a social gathering.

CVS Information ambassador

Do you want to raise awareness of CVS in your own community? Consider handing out brochures to health professionals or everywhere you go. To receive brochures email the office at

Social Media ambassador

Are you addicted to Social Media? Do you read your feed on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram before you even get out of bed in the morning? If you answered yes, we need you. CVSA is looking for people to help raise awareness of CVS and CVSA by sharing, liking, and retweeting the CVSA posts. If you live on social media, it is just a few clicks.


Learn more about fundraising for CVSA.