Holiday Cheer

Hope Starts Here with Holiday Cheer is CVSA’s annual End of the Year Giving fundraiser.  CVSA knows many have been hit hard financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic; non-profits have also been deeply affected by the pandemic.  As a result of the pandemic, CVSA has had to make many drastic changes in the way it operates.  With CVSA being the one and only non-profit that provides support, education, and resources to CVS patients and their families in North America;  we know that after 27 years we still need to be here for CVS patients to find their hope when they need it most.

New in 2020:

  • Monthly Virtual Expert Presentations given by CVS experts and experts in their fields that are relevant to CVS patients and their families
  • The Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association YouTube channel where you can watch all the monthly presentations
  • Moving the support call to Zoom for people to put a face with the name they are interacting with
  • Stories of Hope and Helping project to help those not affected by CVS understand what it is like to have and live with CVS; the videos are posted on our YouTube channel

What CVSA continues to provide:

  • Connect people to doctors that treat CVS
  • Educate both those affected by CVS and health professionals that are treating CVS
  • Provide the most accurate information on CVS by partnering with our team of medical advisors
  • Outreach to medical professionals in fields like Emergency Medicine and Neurology to raise awareness of CVS
  • Advocate for and funds CVS research towards a cure
  • Encourage young physicians to research and treat CVS by giving the B Li Young Professional award every year in partnership with NASPGHAN
  • Provide 1:1 support when people call the office
  • Monthly support calls

Help us continue to make CVSA the place where Hope Starts Here by spreading a little Holiday Cheer!