CVS is a devastating and debilitating disease that takes so much from the lives of patients and those who care about them. And yet, despite the suffering, we hear so many inspiring stories of courage, hope, and triumph.

Do you have such a story? If so, please send consider emailing it to us so that we can feature it here. Let your inspiration bring hope to others! If you would like to submit your story to our website and/or newsletter, please email the CVSA office, at

CVSA has a new way for you to share your stories and support CVSA at the same time. We are introducing our new pages where you can share your CVS journey in words, pictures, and videos; you can update it at any time. Classy has a user friendly interface where templates have already been set up, you just need to fill in your story and update it as you please. Then share it with your family and friends via email or social media. Visit:  to get started.

Here are a few such stories:


Nina’s Story

My journey about living with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, and never giving up – Always Keep Fighting.

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Luke’s story

My name is Luke Mosteller and I am twenty-five years old. I am writing this in the hope I can…

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Mikki’s Letter

“Hope starts here” has always been a beacon of encouragement to our family, and I am writing to you with…

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Alyssa’s Story

My daughter, Alyssa, was diagnosed with CVS. Alyssa has always been an over achiever. This year she is attending her…

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Breaking the Silence

By Tiffany Sharpe  When I became a mother, I didn’t think about what could go wrong. All I could think about…

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Mollie’s Story

My daughter, Mollie, was born in 1978 on her sister’s sixth birthday after a happy and uneventful pregnancy. Her four-year-old…

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